The “Artificial” and the “Natural” in the Life Sciences, c. 1850-1950

The “Artificial” and the “Natural” in the Life Sciences, c. 1850-1950

University of Exeter, Thursday 26th – Friday 27th June 2014.

The conference programme (also available on the website) includes three plenary talks by the following invited speakers: Helen Curry (University of Cambridge), Jon Hodge (University of Leeds), and Joeri Witteveen (Universiteit Utrecht). There are multiple contributed papers including:
  • ‘Cellular Utopias: Protoplasm and Early Twentieth-Century Synthetic Biology’ (Robert Brain)
  • ‘Thomas Hunt Morgan and the invisible genes: using the artificial to discover the natural’ (Guilia Frezza and Mauro Capocci)
  • ‘Why ‘Wild Type’? Historical Understandings of Nature, Species and Variation and the Field-Lab Threshold’ (Tarquin Holmes)
  • ‘Women, science and technical subjectivity in Britain c.1860-1900′ (Tom Quick)
  • ‘Drawings, poetry, videos and embryology: from Haeckel to Garstang and beyond’ (Simon Rundle, John Spicer, and Oliver Tills)

Additionally, there will be two forums, on the themes of ‘Can experimental intervention be natural?’ and ‘Towards a philosophy of variation’.

More information at the conference website:

Fonte: Tarquin Holmes e James Lowe via Mersenne